Top 5 Rummy Tips

Having a hard time competing with online rummy pros?! Are you keen on mastering the game of rummy, including all of its popular variants?! Let’s acquaint you with some highly useful tips and tricks that can go a long way in improving your rummy skills. However, please keep in mind that you shouldn’t just go through these tips theoretically, but also use them practically in various rummy games you play online/off-line. That’s the only way you’ll get to know how much you have improved. Some of the very important skills that make any rummy player a good rummy player are actually the same that are crucial in different life situations! These are skills like concentration, ability of reading hands, keen observation, probability & mathematical skills and style of play. Let’s get on with the tips now!

Tips to becoming an excellent rummy player
There’s a popular old saying, “Practice makes a man perfect!” Provided that you practice the following tips diligently, over and over again, you would emerge as one of the best rummy players around!

Reading hands
Although considered one of the most difficult things to do, gaining the ability to read your opponents’ hands can give you tremendous amount of advantage in the game of rummy. Please note, if you somehow master this step, you’d see yourself winning over and over again as all other rummy tips also depend on this one. Hand reading ability has got a lot to do with your observational skills too. It can give you a fair idea about the melds your opponents are trying to create.
The trick is constantly guessing the melds your opponents are trying to make by keenly observing the cards they’re discarding and picking up from the table. However, please don’t start making wild guesses while playing with real money at online/off-line tables. Start by honing your observation skills in the practice games first.

Making the most of the jokers
Getting wild cards or jokers in your rummy hand can possibly be the best thing that can happen to you in the game of rummy. However, these jokers or wild cards may not be of much use if you don’t know how to use them strategically in creation of sequences and/or sets. Please keep in mind that your points can get reduced if you add joker/s in a meld, which eventually becomes a part of a losing hand. Points may also get reduced if you use jokers before making at least two pure sequences.

Dropping out
There’s no shame in dropping out of a rummy game if you think you haven’t got good enough cards to score a win, and aren’t too confident about your winning chances in the game. Doing so will only make you lose 20 points, as long as you take the decision during the early stages of the game. This way you’ll have less number of points to do away before the start of the next hand/game.

Many times while playing rummy you don’t realise that you’re already in possession of a nice sequence or a set! Hence, it’s always a good idea to regroup all cards in your hand, before getting on with the play. You must also do the same at the time of the declaring your cards, so that you can create the most optimum sequences and/or sets, to reduce your total number of points (in the event that you lose the game).

Correct placement of colors
The colour of your cards can play a significant role in the way you handle them during gameplay. You must place your cards in a manner that you don’t get confused at the time of discarding any of them. One of the ways of doing it is placing them in the black, red, black OR red, black, red patterns.