Top 7 Rummy Mistakes

There’s no dearth of players who simply love rummy and can go on playing the game for hours and hours at a stretch! However, playing rummy and winning at it consistently are two completely different things. To be a constant winner in the game of rummy, you need to have a certain degree of confidence in your playing ability and the hands you get. Apart from that, you must also cultivate strategic bluffing skills to confuse your opponents, forcing them to give in.

A good number of rummy players make some common mistakes, which are usually pretty silly, thus allowing their opponents to take games away from them; despite having excellent cards sometimes! Let’s go over some such mistakes that all rummy players must constantly guard against:

Although it’s good to be enthusiastic during rummy play, being overconfident can significantly hamper your chances of becoming a good rummy player. Often overconfident players end up losing games with a huge number of points, which they can never make up later. So, whenever you get dealt your rummy hand, you must ask yourself whether it’s a good enough hand for you to go all the way or not. If not, it’s always better to drop with lesser number of points during the early stages of the game.

Keeping high cards
This is one of the biggest mistakes made by many rummy players. You must never keep any high cards in your hand till the end of the game. Rather, try discarding all your high cards, for instance the Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces at the earliest possible if you think you’ll not be able to make a sequence/s or set/s with them. Else, in the event that you do lose the game, these high point cards can majorly increase your losing points’ margin.

Being overtly social
Chatting up with other players while playing rummy on the Internet or off-line isn’t a sin, but you should avoid indulging excessively in it in every rummy game. The more you chat up with other players, the more they’ll learn about your gaming strategy, and somehow gain an advantage over you during the gameplay. Hence, it’s advisable to chat as less as possible with others during the rummy game play, unless of course the game is happening between family members and/or friends!

Being overenthusiastic
As with confidence, there’s nothing wrong in being enthusiastic about rummy! However, overenthusiasm can lead to plenty of troubles in rummy. Rummy requires a good amount of patience and constant assessment of the possibilities of making different melds. You also need to think about different ways of blocking your opponents’ cards or hands. Hence, keep a check on your enthusiasm and play the game in a calm manner, paying close attention to the cards getting picked up and discarded by your opponents.

Misusing Jokers and/or wild cards
Wild cards and jokers play a significant role in rummy as you can freely use them in creation of melds, and reduce your points’ margin to a great extent. However, it’s a different thing using wild cards and/or jokers, and using them strategically. For instance, in case you’ve already created a pure sequence, you must add jokers and/or wild cards in a manner that’ll reduce your points margin even if you lose.

Not keeping track of opponents moves
As also mentioned earlier, it’s extremely important to keep track of your opponents’ moves in the game of rummy. You must constantly observe their picked-up and discarded cards. Often players forget keeping track of their opponents’ moves, especially in rummy games involving a large number of cards.

Being impatient
Patience is the key to long-term success in rummy. Players who make rash decisions end up causing a huge amount of damage to their points’ margin. Hence, it’s advisable to not make any impulsive decisions and play rummy with a lot of patience.