About Starslipcrisis.com

This website was created by a group of Starslip Crisis fans who wanted to take time to inform others about this awesome webcomic. We are not the official website of Starslip Crisis or its creator, Kris Straub, and we are not officially affiliated with either party in any way, shape, or form.

As avid webcomic readers, we primarily created this website to inform others about one of our favorite webcomics. The internet seems to produce an infinite number of webcomics, so finding all of the best content can prove a daunting task. Starslip Crisis isn’t as well known as some of Kris Straub’s other works – especially since it ended in 2012 – so we wanted to share more information on the comic to inspire others to read it as well.

We also wanted to spread the word about Starslip Crisis because we enjoyed watching the series progress while admiring Straub’s unique take on a number of science fiction subjects. If you read Starslip Crisis from start to finish, you can see the comic progress from a simple gag-a-day comic strip to a complex webcomic with phenomenal artwork and engaging plotlines. Watching the comic grow in and of itself is nearly as rewarding as finding out what becomes of the Fuseli and its crew at the end.

Additionally, Straub puts a unique spin on many common science fiction and literary tropes. For example, when he takes on the notion of artificial intelligence through the robot rebel Vore, he doesn’t use the typical spectrum of what level of A.I. begets good or evil. Normally, A.I. works in humans’ favor until robots become too smart and rise against their masters. In Starslip Crisis, however, Vore decides that humans are O.K. in his book after becoming more intelligent, not less. Straub also outright mocks certain science fiction tropes, such as bizarre alien biology. Mr. Jinx, the Fuseli’s resident insectoid alien, naturally has some wacky biological features to begin with. However, throughout the series, his biology becomes even more ridiculous, and it can even contradict itself at times. Straub uses these tropes to inject humor and depth into Starslip Crisis, making it a uniquely engaging comic.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Starslip Crisis and, perhaps, have drawn some inspiration from it to create your own webcomic!